Proofreading $40.00 per hour
Proofreading and copy editing $50.00 per hour
Students $30.00 per hour

Pages proofread and copy edited per hour varies, this depends on quality of writing and words per page.

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Terms and Conditions   

You agree that by engaging Crucial Corrections to provide services to you that you accept the terms and conditions as follows:


  • Wherever possible, Crucial Corrections will provide a quote of the expected charges prior to undertaking work on behalf of a client. 
  • Crucial Corrections reserves the right to require payment of a deposit before commencing work.
  • All charges are inclusive of any taxes payable by Crucial Corrections.


  • Payment is required in full within fourteen days of the date of our invoice.
  • Interest will be charged on late payments at the rate of 2% per month or part thereof.
  • Crucial Corrections shall be entitled to recover all costs from clients incurred by it in recovering overdue accounts.
  • Crucial Corrections shall be entitled to retain possession of the work undertaken for clients until Crucial Corrections is paid in full for its work.

3.   Privacy Policy

  • Your personal details are required when you engage Crucial Corrections for work. Once the work has been completed all information will be destroyed unless requested by the client to be kept on file or an account from Crucial Corrections remains unpaid.

4.   Satisfaction Policy

  • All work is submitted as a draft, subject to amendments by the client. On acceptance of the final draft and sign off by the client, no other amendments will be accepted and final payment will be due.  Any further amendments required after sign off will require a further price negotiation between the client and Crucial Corrections.

5.   Liability

  • All due care will be taken by Crucial Corrections to ensure accuracy and effectiveness of work, however the final responsibility rests with the client.  To the extent permitted by the laws of New Zealand, Crucial Corrections accepts no liability on any grounds for consequential damages of losses arising from any cause, including omission or negligence.

6.   Applicable Law

  • All work is governed by the laws of New Zealand and the Courts of New Zealand shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine all disputes in connection with claims arising from work produced by Crucial Corrections.

The client acknowledges that before engaging Crucial Corrections to undertake work it has read and accepted these Terms and Conditions of Trade.